Shutting down Mudi via SSH


What’s the correct way to shut down mudi via ssh?

using ‘poweroff’ results in the display showing ‘booting’ and the progress bar (which never fully fills and just hangs).


That is enough to shut it down yes. All files will have been saved. The display just doesn’t expect that OpenWRT “dead” state, so ignore the display issues.

Thanks, however this leaves it in a state where it does not seem to power up when it recieves power which is a pain for what I’m trying to do. It also needs the button held for it to trigger the shutdown before it will then accept a button press to boot.

Is there anyway to simulate the button press so it shuts down “properly” to a state where it getting power will make it boot?

(I’m planning on leaving it in my car plugged in to a cable that’s only live when the engine is running, and have a script that shuts it down when it’s on battery/no wlan connections after X minutes).

Unfortunately, you cannot do the same in OpenWrt to simulate holding the reset button.

The reset button is controlled by a MCU which runs program itself. It can cut the power to the SoC, which the SoC cannot do that itself.

That’s a shame - I note you can send text to the MCU, is it possible to tell it the device is shutdown or is this more a question for support?