Sierra Wireless EM9190 on GL-Inet AXT1800

Hello, I am the owner of 3 x GL-Inet, Slate 750S, X750, and AXT-1800 routers. All routers are very good, but I can’t get the Sierra Wireless EM9190 modem to work via USB (we can work fine when connected to a PC). The AXT-1800 router does not see the modem and the problem is that I cannot install the ROOter firmware on it, maybe the developers can help me or somehow connect the repository from this firmware ROOter to the AXT-1800 so that it works witch Sierra EM9190? I like the stock firmware and I would like to stay on it, it’s just the usb modem.

Whether the modem device is displayed on your admin page after connecting the modem.

After install mbim modules from packages, also before Im install all sierra modules, modem manager, after take this message. Router detect modem, but not working. Also hi is available only cdc interface and 3G protocol , other hi is not show.

Im already flashed ROOter to my Slate 750S, it is firmware working with modem EM9190, but it not user friendly interface, it is problem(((
Im cannot set wan port of modem, but it is loking and working, but internet no working on the wifi….
Im wait Splitz 3000 and think may be motherboard will be have m2 slot and it is working from box not only with Quectel modem and also Sierra EM90xx series.

Im. Dont now how) but today im very simple start the Sierra wirelessEM9190 on the stock firmware AXT-1800, without any big manipulation.
First i’m install all packages from repository about mbim/qmi/modem/usb whats is possible to help.
After im make manual setup modem how in the scrinshot, only problem about information of the sim signal and modem, lived, hi is show sim NO SIM, and INCOMPATIBLE MODEM, but internet working very good.
Consumpion from usb port up to 1 A

In the light of these good events, today I will order Gateway MT2500A)

So, the mbim module must be installed to work properly?