Significant speed differences between AR750S and MT1300

I just purchased both a AR750S (Slate) and the MT1300 (Beryl) to do some testing. Out of the package and updated to the latest firmware, I see that the AR750S Wireless speed is capped at about 40mbps, where as the MT1300 wireless speed is around 220mbps. Both of these tests were done on 5G. I did some looking around and it looks like other people were also having slower speeds on the AR750s. I just wanted to see if this is normal.

5G can easily go to more than 100M.

Are you using repeater?

How about try and change wifi channel?

Also check in the client area, you do not enable realtime data statistics

I get 120Mbps+ over 5GHz WLAN on my GL-AR750S-Ext, with the WAN port connected via Ethernet cable.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Both of the tests are done in repeater mode.
They are both tested on the same channel (not at the same time) - they are disconnected after testing.

As a Repeater (not Cable) over 5Ghz for both WWAN and WLAN, my GL-AR750S-Ext only gets 40-50Mps. A single 5GHz radio cannot transmit and receive both ways at the same time, so speed is typically cut at least in half.

In my case, my WLAN often drops before finishes.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I just tested AR750s using 5G to repeat and broadcast and I can get 90Mbps.

Do you use WPA3?

@alzhao What firmware version are you using for these tests?

I always upgrade to latest stable to test, i.e. 3.211