SIM card pin code problems

Hi. I have a GL-X3000 router in my camper and have a payg SIM card (currently in Slovenia). The SIM card has a PIN code to use.

If I enter the correct pin directly into manual cellular settings nothing works.

I luckily found a thread on here where you can enter the code:


Into the AT command in the modem management section. This works ok but as soon as you turn the modem off, you have to go through this process again. And also in the last days it just randomly loses internet and then requires the whole process again.

If anyone has any help or advice on this issue it would be great to have an answer.

Thank you.

Can’t you just remove the PIN? I mean… the PIN is for protecting the SIM card against fraud if it got stolen - but if someone steals a device from inside your camper … there are more serious issues than that, aren’t there?

Hi and thank you. Yes that is ideal. How would I do that?


Should work.

Then reboot the device and enter


to check if it worked.

Thank you very much for this information. If I do this for this particular sim card, will it automatically reset when I enter the next sim which may or may not have a sim pin code?

Not sure what you mean by reset - the SIM PIN on the card will be removed. So the modem will ask the SIM card before connecting and if there is no PIN set, it will simply work.

If there is a SIM PIN, it won’t.

Hi Aaron and sorry for my lack of technical experience. It is very strange as when I just logged on to make the changes you suggested, I was offered a Firmware upgrade where one of the bug fixes was for the sim pin not being recognised problem!

I just upgraded and it seems to be working as it should now with the 4 digit pin entered in the manual setup without requiring any AT code. I will keep an eye on it and come back to this post if it gives any further issues.

But thank you very much for your fast and helpful replies.


Since I am not aware about firmware updates (and the changelogs) it’s totally fine! :smile:

Glad that it worked.