Simple site to site advice


I use a cable tv service that will allow me to watch local channels if I am on my home LAN.

I want to watch tv at my alternate residence.

Thinking to use 2 brume 2 devices:

One on the network where I need to be to watch my tv service (Spectrum).

One at my alternate residence (t-mobile home internet) as a client to the first brume 2.

Thinking to connect my tv through the second brume 2 so that the tv app thinks its on my home lan.

Is this a good way to accomplish my goal?
Is there a better arrangement?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Setup a Wireguard server on the Brume at home and a client on the Brume you are taking with you. Then at your remote location activate the client connecting to your home server.

Thanks EddieA!

Much appreciated