Simple way to configure ethernet port as Local on AR300M?

(I’ve googled and it looks complicated… perhaps there is an easy way using the Luci Gui? If not, so be it.
I believe I’m at release 2.27… Please fix that for a subsequent release.)

I have the AR300M-lite. I want to connect an OBIhai telephone adapter to it via the Ethernet port and then WiFi to my house WiFi/router system. Ideally this should just be a few clicks from the out-of-the-box AR300M configuration, which assumes the Ethernet will go to a WAN service like a cable modem.

So what’s the easiest way to accomplish this? It’s okay if the Ethernet ends appears as a LAN client (bridged) on the same subnet with my other wifi devices… Or if the AR300M puts another layer of routing as it does out-of-the-box with its own WiFi clients.

If it ain’t easy, then lay it all out for us… I can hack configuration files, iptables, and so on if that’s what it takes… But as this is not such an exotic request perhaps I’m just not seeing the clicks I need in Luci – I’ve tried a few times to just point and shoot my way through the “advanced” Luci/GUI – no luck - so here I am…

You actually want to use the port as Bridge mode with WiFi, so the box only extend an existing network, not creating its own network.

To do this, you can set up the switch button as “Wired Bridge” in the UI, then move the switch to the right side.