Site 2 Site

I want to use your devices with site2site but only 3 devices can be used (free).
Is there a paid solution for more devices?

Does any of the data travel through your servers when using site2site?

We will raise maximum nodes up to 10, please wait, I will let you know when finished.


hi @Leo

first - appreciate the courteous attitude and not “nickeling and diming” the customers as some other vendors do. kudos to you and your company.

as to the site to site with 3-10 clients -
what kind of connection scheme is used when the system orchestrates such a site-to-multi-site vpn network?
is every node connected directly to each other node? is there another scheme used (star etc)?

Thanks :smiley:
Each sub node connect to main node directly, each sub nodes don’t connect directly, main node forward the data from sub node A to sub node B.
The main node need a public IP.

And I was thinking he was trying to nickle and dime me (in the sense of " hinder, annoy, or harass with trivialities or nonessentials") :wink:

But i guess he wasn’t talking about the builtin site2site option …

Hi Leo
Does that mean if connection speed of the Site-to-site is determined by the router of the main node?

I am using a USB150 as the main node which is not as high performance as the Brume or Slate.

What is the best approach to test the throughput of Site to site?

You can set up a FTP server at one node to share some big files, and access the FTP server at another node.

GL-USB150 is not very powerful. But it depend on your scenario, it is not a big problem with little traffic.

Does any of the data travel through your servers when using site2site?
The answer is NO. The data travel through the main node of Site to Site.

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Thanks @Leo for your reply.

Seems like the router on the main node is the most important, as it could be the bottleneck.
My application should be light-load. Using site2site feature to selectively turning on & off the Wireguard server and Wireguard client in Brume when I’m outside.
Hopefully the mobile app can selectively toggle the Wireguard server, now that it could do for the Wireguard clients.

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