Site To Site clients cannot reach each other


I am trying to get a PC on my home network to connect to a device on a remote network. I have two Routers:
-Router One is connected to my home broadband Router (I have forwarded Port 51830 to facilitate Site To Site). IP is
-Router Two is connected to a mobile broadband USB Dongle. IP is

I added the Devices in GoodCloud and successfully configured a Site To Site network. I can ping both routers from any client on the network, however I can cannot ping between Clients which sit under the different Routers.

I thought that leaving “Allow be Access for the Following Subnets” set with and would mean any client can reach any other client but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Am I missing some configuration?

This should be the correct settings.

Can you post screeshot?

Thanks Alzhao - screenshots below.

Site to Site Config

I connected my machine to the WiFi of Router 1 and pinged the two Routers and then a client on Router 2.
Then I connected to the WiFi of Router and did the same.
As you can see, I can only ping the client when connected to Router 2 directly (not through Site to Site)

Any further idea based on the screenshots posted?

What is the service you want to remote access in another Site to Site node? I mean what is the service running on A website? FTP? or ? is just a test (it’s another PC) and I’ve included as a simple example for troubleshooting purposes.

Shouldn’t every client be accessible using site to site?

I just test it, ping another Mac on Main Node (, it work. Could you give more detail of your problem? A typology network diagram is great.

Network diagram:

What should I need to configure for this to work?
Is there something about the extra Router that might be causing a problem?

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I have just realised my mistake - the PC firewall was blocking the ping requests.

Thanks for the responses and apologies for the time wasting.