Site to site gl-x300b collie error

Hello, Since the updates to the user portal on goodcloud i am unable to add my gl-x300b routers to the site to site, every time i do this i get an error of “ Network or Server error, please try again later “.
this is only when i select any of the collie routers i have on my account which used to work on the site to site.
i have one collie router which is brand new out of the box, i have the same issue with this aswell, i believe the problem may be linked to the recent update of goodcloud, i am using the asia server.

all routers have the latest firmware installed v 3.212

You could create the S2S with only 2 devices. It’s the bug of time out, we will fix it in release version 1.1.2 in the next days.

Thank you again.
That would explain why i can connect two mangos together.
I tried with two collies but got the same

It doesn’t mean that 100% create successfully with 2 device, sometime still get the failed.

We had already fixed it