Site to site vpn flint2 and the slate

Can some one please setup for me a site to site vpn. I have the flint 2 and the slate travel router. I tried to do it by myself but iam not tech guy. So if some one have experience with this? Help

Follow this guide: Build your own WireGuard Home Server with two GL.iNet Routers - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

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I did followed the instructions but is still not working.

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Which ip do I have to fill in? The ip of the isp modem (odido zyxel t50) or the flint 2 or the slate?

Since I don’t know what you are doing there and I don’t know about your network, I can’t tell.

Guess it is the one of the VPN server - so the Flint 2.

i have two routers gl-axt1800 ip 192.168.x.xx
gl-mt6000 ip

my of the modem zyxel t50 is

Endport van de gl-inet routers is 51820

I have no idea what to fill in the Nat port forwarding list

So what I read online I need to kep the flint at home in connection with my isp router. And the slate is the travel router when iam outside my country

Go to your Zyxel T50 and forward the incoming traffic from port 51820 to your 192.168.x.xx VPN Server

This what i did in the port forwarding

Should work.

Despite that: It’s totally useless (and will make diagnostics more difficult) to censor internal IP addresses.

Now, go to your VPN client and try to connect to

Not working Iam doing something wrong but I don’t know what. I need some who can do this for me by remote access or something like that. Do you know anyone ??

I have my old Slate 750S router setup behind another NetGear router at another family members home. To get their end of the VPN working using port-forwarding through their NetGear, I had to disable UPnP on their NetGear router.

Maybe your internet service provider doesn’t allow the default VPN protocol inbound. Some ISP’s are starting to block inbound traffic using protocol filtering so they can then get customers to pay higher fees to allow whatever protocols the customer needs to allow coming in to their home network.