Site to Site VPN with Drop In Gateway

Hi guys,

I think I need a little bit of help for my setup.
My goal is to set up a site to site VPN of two locations. I just want to connect the local LAN, so no Internet traffic on the VPN and I don’t want to replace the main routers which I already have. I have the Brume 2 and the Mango V2 which are both running on the newest 4.x firmware.

So what I think so far is that the drop-in gateway should be the right mode what I need.

I placed the Brume 2 in my first location and enabled the drop in gateway mode. The WAN and LAN are connected to the same network and this is the first point I am not sure about. The Brume complains about the same network on both ports. But as I mentioned, I don’t want to set up a new network.

My second point is which VPN mode do I have to enable; Do I have to enable the client mode on both gl.inet routers or do I need the server on the Brume and a client on the mango?

Maybe I don’t need all of them and I have to take the Good cloud?

Can you please help me out here.
Thank you :slight_smile: