Site to Site

Hi all,

please need help for Site to Site connection.
First I tried with Wireguard client/server configuration, the connection was established, I can ping the client/server ips each others, but no way to ping the devices on the lan each others. I added the string “list subnet ‘’” to the server config but it did not work. Then I tried with Goodcloud, but I got the same problem, the connection between the routers seems ok:

“Allow be Access for the Following Subnets” is correctly checked (created automatically) for the two subnets, but again the lans behind routers cannot ping each others.

Any suggestion?

Do you want to talk about WireGuard Server and WireGuard Client?

Or you want to talk about Site to Site feature on GoodCloud

I want to know what is your requirement, I may give you a suggestion.

The topology of your network, and some screenshot of GoodCloud will be helpful go give the suggestion.

I too am having this same issue. While utilizing GoodCloud I cannot ping from devices behind nodes to devices behind nodes. I am also wondering if the 2 networks behind the nodes can be the same subnet?

Please send the informations below to

the username of GoodCloud
the typology image of your network