Slate 750 versus Beryl for SMB server

I live in a motorhome and frequently without 110 volt power. I want to use a 12 volt power supply to run a 4 Terabyte USB drive as a media server.

already have the 750 slate, but I thought the SMB storage was limited, am I wrong? Was thinking about getting a Beryl if it can handle the 4 Terabyte drive. I would use a powered hub for the USB drive.

I hope someone will answer your specific question. The Beryl is certainly more powerful than the Slate (2 cores, USB3) and the USB port could very well power a portable USB drive. But if you are otherwise happy with the Slate you might think about something like a Pi to be your server. (When they are back in stock).

I think running a router as a server is something of a party trick. It can be done but a router is engineered to do one thing.

4T should not be the problem but maybe system format matters.

But I don’t think both routers is as powerful as being used as NAS. Especially SMB is even slower.

MT1300 is faster than AR750S in this application.

But consider our AX1800 which is faster in USB IO.