Slate AR750 Ext fails to connect to wifi in Repeater mode


I've had an issue for some time now (even with the latest firmware updates) where my Slate AR750S router refuses to connect to any wifi networks, to let me use Repeater mode.

When I connect via an Ethernet cable it works fine, but via Repeater mode never (as the connection always fails (yet I can connect my own devices with the same creds. to those routers). I've disabled and reenabled the mode, but it doesn't do anything to help.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, please?


Did the AR750 scan the SSID and display the Wi-Fi list around?

Laptop/PC connect to AR750 LAN with cable, and operate the repeater steps.

Tips: as the routers (all brands) will lose AP SSID for the time being during it scans the around on repeater mode, then your wireless device laptop or phone also not reconnect AR750 back automatically if you are not check ‘connect automatically’, so the repeater steps hasn't not finished.