Slate - AR750S - WIFI Scan - No Results - 503 Error

Recieved my Slate yesterday. I have 2 WiFi networks in my home and 20 my computer and cellphone pickup that are near my home (live in a city). But, the Slate does not see any WiFi networks to connect to under the repeater/scan initial setup settings on the main interface.

I have reset firmware multiple times and attempted everything I know to check/reset. I also noticed via chrome inspect that 503 and 500 errors are veing thrown. Here is a snapshot of the error:

Important to note that when I go to advanced and run a wifi scan on the interface I can see and connect. Technically I can setup everything manually, but not what I had in mind/want in a travel router.

Please upgrade to the latest testing firmware.

It is available in

Success! That fixed the problem. Thank You!

That is because you have a very long SSID around and it broken the scan function. That was fixed in the testing firmware.