Slate AX 4.2.0 beta2 - DLNA not working on boot

Seems that DLNA is not working on 4.2.0 beta2.
Every reboot I have this on log: minidlnad[5364]: [2023/01/31 11:22:28] minidlna.c:671: error: Media directory "/tmp/mountd/disk1_part1/SD 128GB" not accessible [No such file or directory]

The directory is there tough, and disabling and re-enabling DLNA makes everything work again… until a reboot. Tried even the latest snapshot (2023-01-31 02:16:01) and the problem is still there.

thanks for your feedback. I’m working on it.

I have fixed the problem and tomorrow’s firmware will update automatically. I have submitted a pull request to the openwrt/package project for two reasons, one is because the disk mount is too slow and the other is because the bug in openwrt feeds.