Slate AX and VLANS

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I know that vlan feature is still not available despite is planned:

However, I’ve a doubt: If I connect the Slate AX to a firewall with VLANs configured, will they be recognized?

Or should I go change to LuCI web interface in order to configure also on the Slate AX?

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I think tagged vlan by making a custom interface eth0.1 eth0.2 and so on works, but you have to set the other side to the same tagged vlan format to be able to speak to this lan.

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Then, I understand that I also should configure on my Sophos installation the same virtual interfaces, isn’t it?

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This past days I’ve started to play with the Slate AX, a really nice device!!

After reading the information about Vlan available in the openwrt wiki, I have another doubt. Has the Slate AX hardware support for mixing tagged/untagged Vlan in the same port?

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@hansome can you answer this question?

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I tried that, get the following status, and see if it’s desirable.
The wan port uses DHCP to get IP addresses from tagged VLAN 199 and untagged LAN.

The step is to add a wan vlan tagged 199, in luci.

Attached my network config file. (808 Bytes)


If I understand correctly, I can configure, for example, 2 VLAN tagged and another VLAN untagged in the same physical port. Is this correct?

I apologize for my English and for my questions, I’m fairly new in the networking world…

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1 VLAN tagged and another VLAN untagged in the same physical port on WAN are verified by my test.
2 VLAN should also be okay.


Excellent news, 1.000.000 thanks for your support!!!

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