Slate AX can't handle multiple connections through the LAN port

Hi all,

I just bought a Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) to connect a small server with proxmox hosting multiple VM's from cable to wifi. I had a simple wifi repeater before, and I could simple have multiple servers get a DHCP IP or I could give it a fixed IP on a single LAN port.

It seems with the Slate I can't, the proxmox server itself got an reserved IP through DHCP, but I can't get any connectivity to the VM's, no matter if I tried DHCP or a fixed IP with the reserved range.

Can someone help achieve my goal of being able to have multiple hosts behind a single LAN port up & running?

Much appreciated!

Since the Slate AX is a fully working router, the addresses of the clients trying to access the Proxmox server will be different from what you had before, while running a simple repeater:

So you need to check how your network looks now and if there are any firewall (and routing!!) adjustments needed.

Guess an easy fix would be to just set the Slate in extender mode.


Thanks for the reply. I don't mind the IP change and routing and firewall our okay.
The question is more, how can I make the LAN port handle more than 1 clients, like in the nice drawing, how can I make the Proxmox Host and VMs run from behind that one port.

Like making it work more like a trunk for allowing multiple clients from that 1 LAN port.

Thank you, much appreciated!

Every LAN Port is capable of multiple devices already - there is no limit or some "blocker"
So you need to check the config of your devices. The router should be not the problem here.

But beware: We are not talking about VLAN here.

Agree, they are all in the same VLAN. I was thinking it was related to the proxmox config but then again it was working the same way before.
If this is how the Slate works, then I will have to look somewhere else...

Thanks again

I doubt it's a problem of the Slate. But I guess you need to post more config information and maybe a network diagram ( so we can understand what is going on.

Please attach the log files of the Slate as well.

Th Slate AX is able to handle more than one connection. Just put a switch at LAN and it works...
The issue here is your proxmox Setup.

Do it professionally and install a OpnSense and do all the internal routing over OpnVPN and expose the OpnSense to Slate AX LAN.

Or you set up one or more bridges within your Proxmox, that are speaking to the Slate AX.

(You may want to replace OpnSense with OpnWrt, as this is the base for GL-iNet routers. If you know how to set up networks.)

The first solution could lead to a triple NAT. Very nasty. But you have the whole control.
The second solution is more a workaround... Just trust all your infrastructure and servers.