Slate AX firmware 4.0.1 release 1 is out

Just installed Slate AX firmware 4.0.1 release 1 and try it out now.

Release note:



Very excited about the drop in gateway feature :slight_smile: Hopefully they’ll release it for the Flint soon


Nice - where can i find the download? So far i have been only able to locate 4.0.1 beta 2 and i would really love to test the release 1 version.
Any help here would be appreciated!


Download here:

Unzip and untar it and choose either Sysupgrade(directly from web UI) or Uboot image to upgrade.

Thanks - highy appreciated!!

BTW: i’ve noticed that enabling DFS channels is still defective in this version - registered a bug on github.

  • Fix the problem that the 5G channel cannot be set to 149-165.

this does not work for me, located in stockholm.

Edit: they are not available in the dropdown list, other dfs channels are

Now the 4.0.1 release 1 firmware is listed on official download website as beta.

Re DFS channels:
Channels 149-165 are for short range devices only in europe - not sure if they apply for our wifi connection in europe. In the US they are fine, in Japan these cannot be used…
Please see this page for more information (scroll down to 5 GHz WiFi channels & frequencies):

There still seems to be a bug in enabling DFS channels. When selecting “auto” in the channel dropdown, the slider enabling DFS resets itself to “off” after enabling it and a page refresh.
When enabling DFS channels and manually selecting a DFS channel the slider remains “on”. When setting the channels dropdown to auto again, the DFS channel slider goes back to off.
Note that this bug was not present in the 4.0.0 firmware (i am actively using DFS channels)

Uopdating my reply as i am not allow to put in another overall reply as a new user.
The answer is rather easy - channels 149-165 are in the U-NII-3 group and as such are not allowed in Europe. See a comprehensive table below.
It seems that the max power limit is the deciding factor here: europe (ETSI) allows 25mW max while other countries (FCC) allow up to a full 1W of transmit power. So this not look like a bug, guess if you set your locale to the US the channel 149-165 might suddenly become available (i have not tested this yet)

I’m really happy to see such open development - traditionally vendors have made quite a mess of their wifi firmware development…


Europe treats 149-173 channels as SRD (Short-Range Device), maybe you can check the regulation is affected or not:

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Installed. Fixed bugs on upload WG conf with or without preshared key. Other test in progress…
Where is the new mode “drop in gateway”?:sweat_smile:

Can I install this firmware on flint ax-1800?

No, DON’T DO IT ? ! :sweat_smile:
I think Flint 4.0.1 release 1 will soon be released later.