Slate AX kernel / upstream OpenWRT situation

Can anybody sum up what the deal is with the kernel on Slate AX?

And any idea how likely it is to ever have mainline OpenWRT support?


Somebody here (@solidus1983) is working on it, but I don’t know that there is a high degree of confidence at the moment that the platform will be solid in the near term.

You can build a kind of stock OpenWrt version with the gl-infra-builder using the qsdk kernel which is more stable than the stock firmware (in my experience) but that has its own issues.

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I did a little more looking around and found mention of beta firmware images with kernel 5.4, starting at reply 28: GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX): Wireguard client connect error (REKEY TIMEOUT) - #28 by alzhao

The 5.4 is also a qsdk kernel. It’s very temperamental to compile, and the performance is worse by about a third compared to the 4.4 qsdk - which is why everyone I’ve seen is still using the older kernel.

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I feel slightly :grimacing: about the future prospects due to this, but the performance with the stock GLi firmware is so good … just hope it’ll eventually be well supported in mainline OpenWRT, even without DFS

Leaving this here as a pointer to a more recent thread: