Slate AX no Internet through Client VPN

Hello community,

Hoping to get some help here with a new Slate AX I just received today. Everything appears to be working well on the new device except internet access when connected to a Wireguard server via wireguard client VPN.

At first I noticed I had an issue in the profile with a bad DNS server, so resolved that. I could then ping sucessfully and also resolve FQDN’s from the router. I thought all was well, except my machine cannot browse the internet? It appears as it port 80 and/or 443 are blocked.

So in an effort to troubleshoot this further I tossed on a known working Wireguard profile from a Spitz router I have and I get the same issue.

I went into the router and change the VPN mode from Global Proxy to Auto Detect and that still didn’t resolve the issue.

Firmware is on the latest version: 4.0.3

Disregard, Issue was my T-Mobile tethered connection. Come to find out it doesn’t like an MTU of 1440, set it to 1200 and things are smooth sailing.

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