Slate AX reboots when activating Wi-Fi

Hi all

I have problems with my GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) with Firmware 4.2.3 (release5) and Kernel 4.4.60.

The router is connected via Ethernet to a shared LAN (RFC1918 on WAN), over which I have no control.

So far no problems, if I connect my notebook via Ethernet (USB-C Adpather) to the LAN of my AXT1800.

When I turn on Wi-Fi and my notebook connects to the Wi-Fi, the router seems to be rebooting. If I use only the Wi-Fi (no simultaneous Ethernet), then I see the same behaviour. The Wi-Fi connects, disconnects, reconnects at some point (minutes later) and so on. The router is not usable.

I can’t really see the problem in the logs. It seems like the WAN interface will go down, but it doesn’t until I turn on WiFi:

user.notice firewall: Reloading firewall due to ifup of wan (eth0)

So I think the problem is probably not the WAN interfaces but something else? Maybe configuration? The uptime is also reset, it really looks like turning on the WiFi would trigger a reboot.

Can anyone help? Can I provide some additional useful logs?


I turned on the Wi-Fi at 15:54, here’s the log. I changed some MAC and IP addresses. That’s a lot of errors, isn’t it? Can somebody tell me why logs are being sent to Tailscale?

Now I feel stupid. I think I’ve found the problem. The Slate AX was attached to a power adapter from a FireTV stick that was plugged in here in the apartment. It’s only 5W. Now I’ve use a 10W power adapter, and I’ve been able to turn the Wi-Fi on and off several times.

With Wi-Fi on, I guess the load was too heavy. That led to these strange random behaviors. I’m going to test this further tomorrow.

I think you are right, GL-AXT1800 power supply specification is 5V/4A (20W).

If you need to use wifi, at least 10W or above.

FYI: There’s some posts floating around here somewhere showing the Slate AX (IIRC) hits about 6.5W without USB3 SSD/HDD. IDK how many wired v wireless clients that was connected at the time.

@dengxinfa 's point stand: 10W+ is needed, methinks. My Slate AX is running off a 5V/2.4 Samsung phone adapter without Power Delivery (PD) capabilities.

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Thank you @dengxinfa and @bring.fringe18.

I didn’t even think about the fact that there was a special power supply for the router. I left it at home. At least that’s stable now with the temporary power supply.

I marked a solution.