Slate AX requirement for 4A adapter

Also, there has been a big effort to bring the little externals within the 500ma spec of USB2 so you don’t have to have the Y plug anymore. The bigger capacity 2.5/1.8 drives are usually USB3, so you can’t tell, but if you have a USB2 drive without a Y cable, you should be in good shape.


Ravpower PD Pioneer 65W, works from USB-A ports on the charger while my laptop is hooked on USB-C output

Does it stay on if you plug/unplug other devices from the charger? Or does it reboot if you do that. (ie device being plugged in or out of the RAVPower charger. Thanks!

router didn’t restart upon connecting/disconnecting laptop from the USB-C port

I would suggest Glinet to use USB-PD for future models.


I would love PD. With how much space there is in these mini routers now it shouldn’t be too hard to solder one in place. They’re very tiny.

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Why? PD is really for batteries.

Couldn’t USB-PD be used for power supply as if USB 5A 1A or 2A? I really don’t know.

PD starts with 5v 3a, and then can negotiate up to 20v 5a if the cable, charger and device support it. But the USB3 A port is only ever going to be 5v. The point of PD is really to charge batteries faster than the USB3 spec supports.

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PD power adapter can surely be used to power the router.

The only problems is that, as @elorimer said, PD is designed to charge batteries faster. So it will talk with the device (e.g. phone) to find out the correct output. This will cause short power cut. While this is not a problem of batteries, it could cause the router reboot.

So PD power adapter be used to power the router, but it may cut power sometimes causing the router reboot.