Slate AX toggle switch issues

The toggle switch on my Slate AX is behaving a little weirdly – it doesn’t stay in the off/“released” position properly.

To get it to register as being off, I need to apply a bit more force beyond what’s needed to move the switch from the on to the off position. However, a very light tap on the switch is enough to put it in the on position again, even though the switch is physically still in the off position.

Is this something that can be easily fixed by myself, or would I have to send it back to get it fixed?

Hi zhongfu,Can you please take a picture to show us the details?

Apologies for the delay, I’ve uploaded a short video illustrating the issue: gl.inet slate ax intermittent toggle switch - YouTube

Thanks for your feedback, from your video it looks like the button may be damaged and it would be best to return the device.

Hi everyone! I just got my brand-new Slate AX, and I’ve been trying to configure the toggle switch. No matter what option I select, it seems to do nothing at all. When I check the logs, it doesn’t even seem to detect the toggling of the switch because no script is being called or anything. Could that be a hardware problem? Or is there any way to check whether the system can detect when I physically toggle the switch? I mean, in theory I CAN live without this switch “feature” in case my device is broken, but to me, it seems really convenient for VPN toggling.

Use this command

cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio |grep switch


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Thank you very much! With that, I can confirm that the switch seems to be stuck in the “on” position because I toggle it, and it always shows “pull up hi”… Is there an easy way to fix this? Could there be a loose cable inside or something?

The switch, sometimes stuck. You can move it left and right multiple times so that the physical contact is smooth.

If not working, just exchange.

Ok, so I tried moving it several times left and right, with and without applied force. It’s somewhat better because now it stays put in either state, but it is certainly unreliable because sometimes even touching the button makes it toggle back and forth (just like OP)… I’m thinking whether it’s worth exchanging it (I bought it through Amazon) or just ignore the feature all along…

Pls send your request to cs at