Slate AX wireguard client can't access home LAN

My setup is this
laptop === SlateAX Wireguard Client === Internet === PiPVN Wireguard Server === NAS (and DSL router)

I can access the internet with my home LANs public address, but I can’t access my NAS. The same wireguard config works for NAS access on my phone, while not connected to the SlateAX.

I already tested the “Allow Remote Access LAN” option.

What is the IP address assigned to the laptop and the IP address assigned to the NAS? Make sure they are on different subnets (e.g., 192.168.8.x on client side, 192.168.1.x on server side).

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

There is extra layer of NAT on the router so it works different from using vpn on your phone directly.

But there should be no problem to access your NAS.

Can you give the IP addresses of the Pi and NAS?

Can you ping your NAS’s IP?

The following is not needed because this is for the server side to access the client side.

Try to create the right firewall rule in Lucie. That should work.