Slate AX1800 Firmware update failed

Im currently running beta firmware 4.1.0 release 2 on my AX1800, Ive seen the final release is now out, however, ive downloaded the .img file and trying to flash it through web admin panel, its stating failed everytime, what am I doing wrong here ? image below…

Try the .tar file? That is what I use for local upgrade.
I believe img is for uboot.



Thanks, that worked perfectly, ive factory reset the router and just labelling everthing up, just so I know if someone has jumped onto my network so I can block them, but I have a couple of devices that keep changing there IP addresses like mobile phones etc, in Release 2 in Luci I could see you could lock these into a static IP address but cant find it in the final release, did they remove it ?

NVM I found it, does my head in when devices change their ip address all the time, its only the Mrs I DONT KNOW PHONE and I DONT KNOW WATCH that does it.

Well done; if they are iOS devices just turn off the private Wifi for your SSID only. That way the MAC Address will be the real one and the associated Static IP will remain assigned to that address… for your Wifi. The Private addresses will still work for other SSIDs (Public WiFi’s).

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For future reference:
Slate AX GL-AXT1800
Flint GL-AX1800