Slate AXT-1800 Beta 4.5.0 No internet connection

Guess the title says it all. Trying the new beta 4.5.0 on my AXT-1800. The router is connected, via wi-fi to a UniFi UAP AC Lite (currently on the 2.4G band). Settings in both my iPad and iPhone say “No internet connection”, which I’ve verified by trying to browse.

I’ve connected to the same AP from iPad/iPhone and verified I do have internet connectivity. From Luci and an ssh session into the router I can ping/traceroute to internet locations, so the router → AP → internet seems to work correctly. It’s just the clients connected to the router that don’t have connectivity.

I’m leaving the router in this state (and can for quite a while if necessary) to capture any relevant information needed.


Do you think it is a dns issue?

You can try ping and ping in your iPad to check.

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Not DNS. From the iPad, I can’t ping either. Nor can I ping the gateway given to the iPad by DHCP. If I connect the iPad directly to the same AP as the router connects to, then all work.

From an ssh session all the above tests work.


I just checked 4.5.0 and it works fine with my wifi network.

Can you check this:

  1. What is the IP address AXT1800 get from your UniFi?
  2. Does AXT1800 appear in the client list of your UniFi admin portal? Is there any access control?

Yes and no. I have connected both the iPhone and iPad to the same SSID which uses the network and they have full access to the internet.


Can you turn off Band Steering in your Unify settings and check again?

Nope still no connection, even after cleaning up the mess that UniFi has for that setting and making sure all SSIDs and all APs are “off”.

I also turned off Repeater mode and plugged a cable into the WAN port. Still no internet.

I’m thinking about re-flashing 4.5.0, but then again, it it works, we’ll never know why it broke the first time.


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Maybe something was rong during upgrade.

Tried powering off/on a couple of times, still no difference.

Used the UI to upgrade to the same version, Keep Settings on (which is how I did the 4.4.6.-> 4.5.0). Again no difference.

Used the UI to upgrade again, this time with Keep Settings off. After this I am able to surf the internet, but still seeing times when it reports “No internet connection” and things stall for a few minutes plus I’m getting the occasional timeout pop-ups in the UI.

I guess the next test is a full UBoot restore. Will keep you posted.


Did a UBoot restore of 4.5.0. Not had time to fully test, but initial indications are that this is not having the same issues as the upgrade.