Slate Device with WireGuard Client - Does not reconnect


I have the Slate device and the latest “Snaphot” FW and everything works great, but in the latest FW and the FW before, the WireGuard client doesn’t reconnect if the WG connection drops. So I have to login, choose another server or disconnect and connect again.

This outage happens 1x daily - it seems nearly every 24 hours.

But in the stable releases for example my “Mango” it works and the WG connection is allways online.

Where could I take a look to activate auto reconnect?


I have a similar experience if the internet drops having to manually log into the router to disconnect and reconnect the Wireguard client.

Which WireGuard server are you using? If you set up the server by yourself, and it doesn’t have dedicated IP public IP address, it will have such issue.

I’m using a dedicated WireGuard server which I set up. It has a dedicated IP address that does not change.

If my GL-MiFi loses internet and reconnects sometimes the WireGuard client does not reconnect automatically. I have to log in manually disconnect the VPN client then re-connect.

This is typically occurring when I am roaming from WiFi to WiFi or from 4G to WiFi.

I’m using AzireVPN and Mulvad.

And this happens with both services (with snapshot fw!) on the Slate.

My Mango with the latest release works like a sharm.