Slate firmware questions

I upgraded my slate some time ago to openwrt 21.02, the primary reason was to be able to
connect to 5G DFS channels which the GL firmware did not support.

Everything works except for 5G Access point mode which works briefly and then the signal disappears.

  1. Is this a known problem with Openwrt 21.02?
  2. Does AP mode work correctly for both 2.4 and 5G if I use GL firmware? I assume yes, but just checking…
  3. If I use GL firmware, can I connect to DFS channels by using Luci like on standard Openwrt?
  4. Interested in the upcoming Slate AX, will there be any difference with regard to DFS channel support?

Many thanks for advice

Please note, if you use DFS, where the router detect radar signals the 5G wifi signal may go aways. That is how DFS works.

If you use our default firmware, yes you can use Luci to set up DFS.

Slate AX will have DFS certificate so the users will be able to choose DFS channels or connect to DFS wifi.

thanks, will buy a Slate AX as soon as its available.