Slate GL-AR7505S

Update-just got this link that I know will be helpful to others, like it was to me: Internet - GL.iNet Docs

What settings can I change to get faster speeds from this router?
My WiFi speed connections are better than my Ethernet connected device speeds. (about double)

I was going to try to change the DNS server to see if that helps with the speed.
I entered it into the manual DNS server area but was not sure if I there were other changes I needed to do at the same time. I did not notice a difference in speed when I did this.

Lastly, the first Ethernet port does not work. How do I set that up to be able to plug a device into it to receive signal from the router-vs using it to bring in internet from an Ethernet connectable modem?
If there is a manual that tells me all of this, I’m happy to use one-a link to it would be wonderful.

Regarding WiFi speeds, you can try changing the channel and tweaking other settings (eg. 20/40 bandwidth) etc.

Thank you trying to help but I would need a more specific answer regarding changing something like the channel or the “other settings”. The Channel is set to 11 on my 2.4 and 36 on the 5 G by default. If I changed them, what would be better?
I do not see a bandwidth.

Presumably you are connected by WISP to your ISP router?
Go into your main router settings and play with the WiFi setting there.

What do you mean does not work?

You can change it from WAN to LAN by one click from the UI. Just go to the UI, first page displaying Internet settings and find the cable connection.

Thank you!!! I will do that. You are the first one (including a tech person from GL-Inet that gave me useful information!

I am plugged in via usb from my jetpack modem. Using acronyms for things is great if you are speaking to other tech people but this device is for the general public right? I don’t even know what WISP is.

“playing with” wifi settings does not help me as I do not know what is good setting, better setting, worse setting.
I tried changing to a different DNS server too but am not completely understanding this so don’t think it worked, or possibly I did not do it correctly.

Well, I don’t really know what’s a good setting either - hence the reason to play with them and see what works best.

Maybe you can do another way:

Tell us what you want to achieve exactly to get an exact answer.

For general public it is like plug in power and Ethernet cable. Then that is all.