Slate - hidden SSID from CLI


I noticed that in firmware 3.025 you can now put your SSID(s) in hidden mode which is great.

I have a slightly weird case where I want to hide my SSID when I am close to some other SSID’s in a script.

I can easily toggle the flag by:
# uci get wireless.default_radio0.hidden
# uci get wireless.default_radio1.hidden
# uci commit wireless

However what’s the service I need to restart without having to reboot the router?
Currently I’m using:

# wifi down ; sleep 5 ; wifi up

But this appears to be problematic if I pull the power cord in that 5 seconds between ‘down’ and ‘up’ and stays down until factory reset / I use ethernet on the LAN interface.


You can try the following to see which one is the best.



/etc/init.d/network reload


/etc/init.d/network restart

Thanks ‘reload’ did it for me without bouncing all the other interfaces!