Slate Plus GL-A1300 and RM502Q-AE not connecting

I need help for a Quectel RM502Q-AE to connect with a Slate Plus GL-A1300 to the internet. The slate Plus does see it, but the GUI doesn’t show it. What can I do?

Run dmesg | grep ttyUSB to get the bus ID of your modem listed after USB (1-1,1-1.2,etc).

Edit /etc/config/glconfig with the following:

config server 'modem'
	list bus '1-1'

This worked under 3.x firmwares, but in 4.2 firmwares on my Opal with an EC25-AF, its empty but still works in the GL modem manager and shows the modem.

Courtesy of @wcs2228 from another post.

It doesn’t work, I tried modem manager too and it interfered with Glinet’s GUI

Hi,Pls show the info. cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
The A1300 is not yet adapted to the RM502Q-AE module. It should work if you have the RM520N-GL module, which will be on the A1300 USB enclosure support list.

Nothing is supported for the Slate Plus (A1300) yet.