Slate Plus (GL-A1300) WG VPN connection > Download but NO Upload

Model: GL.iNet GL-A1300
Architecture: ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)
Openwrt Version: 21.02.2 r16495-bf0c965af0
Kernel Version: 5.4.179
Firmware: v4.5.16
Firmware Type: release2


I have this problem only at this one hotel in the UK (London). The other hotel in London I’ve had no issues; everywhere else I’ve had no issues with these configuration files . . . :

When my wireguard client is connected, and I run a speed test, I can get a download reading but no upload, which effectively makes the A1300 WG connection unusable.

I have even tried resetting the A1300 back to the factory firmware defaults and then set all my WG client connections to my various WG servers up again.

No Joy.

If I connect my pixel phone, directly to the hotel wifi, and enable it's WG connections to my various WG servers they work perfectly. (UPDATE: When I enable WG on my laptop and iPad it does not work - if all three didn't work, then I'd say they where blocking the WG vpn connections specifically).

I have taken the exact configuration file from my phone and installed it on the A1300 and tried that. When I do I have the same problem (Speed test download is fine - NO Upload).

When the A1300 is connected to the Hotel wifi, I can connect TO the A1300 with my phone, laptop, or iPad and if I enable the WG connection ON either my phone or iPad to my WG servers, they work fine . . . even when connecting through the A1300. The Laptop connected (either wired or wireless like the phone or iPad) still will not connect to the WG servers for some reason.

I’ve tried changing the A1300’s MAC to match my phone; I’ve tried a Randomized MAC, I’ve tried it’s default. Still no luck.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what the issue could be?

Thanks for the help.

I tried connecting my laptop to my Tailscale network (which is WG based), and that works . . . .

I know I can add my A1300 to the Tailscale network (I'll do that and try it again in a few days to see if that is a workaround I can employ - It's not ideal, but I can do it.

I'll also reset up an OpenVPN server and see how that goes.

I'd sure like to us WG if at all possible - I love the speed of it all.

When you say speedtest no upload, can you browser Internet normally?
You know speedtest and browser may behave differently.

Can you use TCP for your openvpn?

The WHOLE connection is unusable . . . you can't navigate anywhere.

I'll have to look. I thought that OpenVPN used TCP by default and that Wireguard used UDP (which is part of the reason it is so easy for ISP providers to block WG connections).