Slate Plus has non working Adguard Home since 4.2.0

Hey, so I am back again after so many months without proper Adguard Home functionality. Ever since (May 2023) I updated to 4.2.1 and every version after that (current is 4.5.0) breaks AdGuard Home. I can login in the interface but I cannot pick anything from the list that exists or create my own list as I could. When I try to update or add any lists, an infinite loop of loading goes on. When I refresh the page, my previous commands doesn’t seem to have taken place. Also, lists that were added before the update show 0 entries. I don’t have the technical knowledge to solve this by myself and it has been nearly 1 year (!!!) that I cannot update the firmware in order to retain Adguard functionality. Right now, I am on 4.2.0 update and I managed to update the pre-installed version to the latest (0.107.44) and works if only I have a list before I initiate the update. Other lists also don’t work. I don’t know what should I do. Do other routers like the Slate AX or Beryl AX exhibit the same behavior?

Try this guide from @admon.
Looks like your config.yaml has changed command when upgrade adguard home. Inside file must be your list filters.

This is the error that I am getting "error: control/filtering/add_url | network error ". Strange enough when I changed my dns servers to clouflare from quad9, the lists could be updated and I could also add small lists.

Before change upstream dns must be click button test to make sure working perfect.