Slate protal firmware

I saw firmware testing today. what is the protal firmware for slate? what does it mean and what does it do? Can we upgrade slate firmware with that?

Unless you know what protal means, I’d avoid it until you get clarification.

When you set up wisp in public places where there is a portal, if you have dns via tls, dns rebind protection or vpn, the portal page will never pop up.

This firmware add features what auto the portal and let it pop up without touching your vpn and dns. After the portal is authorized then your vpn etc will work.

This is a working firmware and it should only be tested by developers.

ok, should I load it to update slate firmware or there is no need?

Hold on if you don’t want to try breeding edge firmware.

You can update to v3 testing firmware, which is quite stable - just don’t try the portal version.