Slate Router: Connect to Company's Domain Network and Access LAN

Slate Router: Connect to Company’s Domain Network and Access LAN

The title says it all.

I am the IT Manager at my company and would like to use my Slate router as an “extension” of the domain network. This would allow me to use a more memorable, but still secure, password when setting up multiple new computers simultaneously. Specifically, I want to be able to join new computers to the domain, access network drives, and access servers.

I should probably know how to configure this correctly, seeing as I am the IT Manager, but I’ve not spent much time messing around with Luci and also having a difficult time determining the exact functions of the Network Modes.

If anyone can advise on which Network Mode would be best (having access to the portal would be great), where to configure the DNS settings pointed at our Domain Controllers, and any other settings that need to be configured.

I’ve found that the Network->DHCP and DNS->Advanced Settings is the most useful part of Luci for my current needs, but I may be in the wrong place.

Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance and I’ll make sure to answer any questions that are needed to further understand what I am trying to set up or about the Domain Network I am trying to have LAN access to.

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Can you provide more details on your intended network topology, including the admin computer, new computer and main domain (with controllers, NAS, servers)? A diagram would be helpful.

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If you mean “Windows Domain Server”, I don’t have a solution.