Slate storage not accessible from iOS device

I bought a Slate WiFi router, in part, because of the network storage. Now I find that I cannot connect from my iOS device, an iPod Touch, because iOS requires a minimum of SMB 2.0 protocol to access network storage.

The only “Help” that references connecting via SMB 2.0 actually only gives techniques for enabling less secure SMB 1.0 for PC access. That’s works for PC but no good for my iPod Touch, nor for my Android phone and definitely less secure than SMB 2.0.

A device that advertises itself as a mobile WiFi solution for travelers should have more secure NAS. Is there a firmware update or application than enables SMB 2.0 on the Slate wireless router?

I was able to connect using FE File Explorer an iOS app recommended in the GL.iNet literature. It is marginally less convenient than using the included Files app but does work.

Try editing the /etc/samba/samba.conf.template file and change the following lines, then restart:

min protocol = SMB2
max protocol = SMB2
security = user

You can either use LuCI → Services → Network Shares → Edit Template (requires the luci-app-samba package) or edit in SSH.

Make sure the samba36-server package is also installed.

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I registered here to say that this is the only option that worked with my GL-E750 (samba4).

Now iOS 17 can connect to SMB via Files!