SlateAX does not work with GoodCloud?

I manually setup my SlateAX in GoodCloud, but it doesn’t show as online.
I’ve setup 3 other devices, AR150, Beryl and Brume with no issues.

Can someone confirm that SlateAX works with GoodCloud?

My slateAX works on goodcloud.

Can you provide your SlateAX’s cloud log?
you can find it in “Log” page.

PM’d you the logs . Doesn’t look good tho

The log shows an invalid timestamp, please check if the time of your router is correct.

Timezones is incorrect. Its not accounting for forward/backwards

Router says 9pm but it’s 10pm pst right now. I think this is a big?

I went to luci, and tried there. It seemed to correct it.

This may be the reason why it doesn’t show as online.
Normally, the router will sync time from I don’t know way it is not sync. If your router is connected to the Internet, it may be caused by a firewall or VPN settings.

Thanks :+1: I can see it now in GoodCloud.


Let’s open a bug for this issue. I powered off my router for about 15 minutes. I came back and the time was way off.

When the vpn (Pia) is running with the options below (don’t use VPN for gl.inet services), NTP doesn’t work. With the option toggled off, my time updated right away on the slateax, even in luci.

Thanks for you feedback, we will check it.

What is the firmware version on your device?
Some related question has been fixed in 4.0.1.

4.0 beta 3. I will update tomorrow to the 4.0.1