SlateAX Dropping Wifi Signal v4.5.16

Recently, my SlateAX router has been dropping its wifi signal sporadically. I have multiple PCs and a mobile phone connected to its 5ghz wifi signal, and all of the devices will lose the wifi signal simultaneously. After around 30 seconds, the signal comes back on its own. However this obviously is causing issues while trying to work or in meetings.

The SlateAX is plugged into a router via ethernet, and is not using a VPN when the drops happen. I have had the SlateAX for a couple years and have not had this happen until the past few weeks. It can happen randomly, but seems to happen more often when running something data-intensive like a speed test.

Any idea what could be causing this, or are there any settings to check that might trigger this strange effect? Any more information needed to debug this? Thank you for help.

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What frequency (2.4 / 5 GHz) do you use and what channels?
If you use only 5 GHz this might be a problem with DFS.

Depending on where you are, channel 149 might be a SRD-channel (power limited to eg. 14 dBm) but DFS isn’t necessary.

DFS could cause short interruptions but this doesn’t seem to be your problem.

thanks for the reply. hopefully someone else will chime in with some more ideas

Have you checked the system log for times this happens to see if there are any clues there?

i have looked at it, however not really sure how to interpret what I’m seeing or if its capturing the wifi drop

Next time it happens, copy and post the portion of the log from slightly before an outage to slightly after. Maybe it won’t provide any clues, but you never know.

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