SlateAX kicks off wifi when changing networks

Hello. I have a SlateAX running v4.4.6. Consistently, when changing wifi networks in repeater mode, the SlateAX kicks my PC off of it’s wifi. I cannot connect reconnect for several minutes. And when I’m finally able to connect, the SlateAX dashboard says it wasn’t able connect to the network I had selected.

However, after refreshing a few times, it finally connects to the new network. It seems to be fine after that. However if I change locations and have to select a new network, this frustrating process starts again.

Has anyone experienced similar situations and know how to resolve? cheers


I have similar issues if I lock bssid so I don’t do that anymore and it’s seems stable for now. It could also be the connection monitoring being set incorrectly.

what about when you’re switching to new wifi networks?