SlateAX, what's using the 128mb Nand?

I just did a fresh upgrade to 4.0.1.
I checked my storage and I only have about 56mb free of the 128mb Nand.

Where is the other half of the nand storage?

imho, the info is confusing.
i think that means, 99% of the space is free to use

this is from my axt1800, running v4.0.0.0 stable.

that total storage is 21.4GB and only 1% is used.

The device comes with 128mb Nand, only 58mb is available to users. What’s using the other 50%

How did you expand it to 24gb?

i used this guide

The firmware itself is more than 40MB.

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Dang wow. That’s big. Thanks alzhao.