Slaxe AX repeater mode unable detect SSID for 5Ghz


I’m keep on several times unable detected my SSID for 5Ghz on repeater mode.

Before that, i have trying to switch the wifi country code which were able to located 5ghz band of my SSID.

Currently, due to some reason was disconnected then connect back the repeater mode, was not able to located my 5ghz anymore.

May i know what is going on?


What configuration is your hotspot’s WiFi using? What is the bandwidth and channel?

Did you switch the country code at LuCI?
Which country did you switch to?

Can you find the wifi channel of 5G and export the log to investigate?

Current control channel is auto which 100. The bandwidth also auto as well for 20/40/80.

I have trying to change in Luci page for wifi country code to US,UK and Malaysia as well but unfortunately not detected the 5ghz band anymore.

Before that it was able locate my 5gh band of SSID in US.

Can you export the logs? (15.4 KB)

Can you clairy? This seems not the log from AXT1800.

Pls export the log from AXT1800 which you can find from the UI.

Sorry, i thought you want my main router? Here we going for AXT1800 log. (23.3 KB)

Hi, any updates? Thanks!

Not yet,R&D is still trying to Debug.

I’m trying to figure out why unable located the 5ghz band of the repeater mode.

Finally, am notice that repeater mode of 5ghz band is not located during my main router the wifi channel of 2.4ghz is set to auto and it’s 10. I have custom set it to 11 of the wifi channel of 2.4ghz then my AXT1800 was able to located the 5ghz band of the repeater mode again.

Please rectify the issue for the repeater mode if the main router wifi channel is set to auto.


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You mean the 2.4G channel of your main router?

So it is strange.

Yup, the main router of 2.4ghz band wifi channel causes it. Now my AXT1800 is on track for repeater mode of 5ghz band.