Slow EG25-G installed in MUDI

I recently installed the EG25-G modem in my MUDI. I am unable to get speeds over 5Mbps with this new modem using my Google Fi sim, which is activated and was able to get 40+ with the EC25-AF modem installed. Has anyone else been able to acheive better speeds with this modem? Is a firmware update required possibly? It appears the download and upload are being capped at 5Mbps based off of the serving cell information.

I’m not really quite sure what to troubleshoot in order to achieve better speeds.

+COPS: 0,0,“Google Fi”,7


+QNWINFO: “FDD LTE”,“310260”,“LTE BAND 4”,2275


+CSQ: 21,99


Revision: EG25GGBR07A07M2G


Maybe you can check if the band is the same when you use EG25-G and EC25-AFFA.

According to FrequencyCheck, Google Fi uses bands 2/4/12/25/26/41 for LTE connectivity.

Out of these bands, the EG25-G actually supports more than the EC25-AF, so it would make logical sense that the former has higher bandwidth available.

However, if you check the site I linked, it does note that you need to register the device to Google Fi to use it. Since swapping the GSM modem changes the IMEI of the device, is it possible that you didn’t register it, thus are getting considerably reduced speeds not on your end, but on Google’s end?

maybe try changing the IMEI to the EC25-AF you were using?

But from the image you posted, rssi is -80 which is very weak. Is it possible you didn’t attach the antenna good when you switch module?

B4 is the only band that works in my area for LTE. In my apartment the signal is generally weaker, but can usually get better speeds.

I tried switching back to the EC25-AF and I was getting the same speeds. This is leading me to believe this is an issue with the SIM on Google’s side after switching modules.

I have another SIM arriving today from Google, which I will use to test.

That does indeed sound like a registration error on Google’s side!

I activated my sim on Google’s website, shutdown the MUDI, inserted the new SIM, and booted it back up. Unfortunately it’s still connecting at 5mbps ul/dl.

I did inspect the antenna and physically everything looks good from what I can see. There is no damage and everything is connected properly.

Is there a command I can run to verify the DIV antenna is operating correctly? I am not having any luck with finding that command.

I am also going to reach out to Google and see if they have anything to say. I’m guessing they won’t be helpful, since it’s not a supported device on their end.

If limiting 5mbps, there is not to much to do in the router side.

I once used a SIM to use Verizon network and I only get 1 Mbps. Once used on a phone it can get 50Mbps immediately. Never know why.

The operators can check the device IMEI. If it is not for example a Samsung IMEI, then they will limit the speed. It’s an easy way to filter unknown devices.