Slow wired/USB connection

Hey, I’m playing around with my iPhone’s hotspot and I connected the hotspot to my GL.iNet GL-AR750S with USB however I’m noticing that the peak speed I seem to be getting is 70mbps down/up, if I connect the iphone via USB directly to the PC I get 300mbps, any ideas why this might be happening? (P.S. There is no hotspot throttle on the plan)

I think 70Mbps on the GL-AR750S is pretty good and is limited by the CPU.

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Using an AR750S Ethernet connected for WAN and LAN, I have seen better then 500 Mbps, so I would guess it may be something to do with the USB implementation. How was the PC connected to the AR750S?

By chance were you running the VPN software on the AR750s or did you enable real-time speed and traffic statistics, as these functions really slows down the AR750S.

PC was connected via ethernet cable, I too have seen much higher speeds when connecting my home ethernet cable into wan.