Slow write speeds to microSD on MT300A

Hi, I am having problems writing data to the microSD, with speed up to max 5 Mb/s while connected with lan cable, in wifi android around 2 Mb/s.

The memory is sdxc class 10, tested on pc with avg. 30 Mb/s, so it shouldn’t be bottleneck.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe specific mount options in fstab to optimize speed?


Thank you for your time.

Maybe try to change the filesystem format in the MicroSD card. For example use ext4 format.

The speed should be around 10 to 20 mbps

Hi alzhao,

Thank you for your reply, I forgot to mention it in op but the card is indeed formatted ext4, and I have tryed other formats with no luck.

I have also just tried writing to usb drive, results is that speed is no more than 2 Mb/s.

Is this a faulty product?

Can you clarify it: Is it 2M Byte/second or 2M bit /second?

if it is 2M Byte/second then it is normal.