Small device with more USB ports and IO

I’m currently using the MT300N for my product where I use the usb port for connecting to a device.

Now customers are starting to make requests for more features like 4G USB modems or ADCs which the MT300N does not have, etc.

Even the GPIOs that are connectable via pins on the MT300N are almost all used for USB power control or the slide button.(I can only count 2 available GPIOs)

I thought of building a usb device (an arduino) for the ADCs and other things but 1 USB port is just not enough. Even the AR300 only has 2 USB ports and the price is more then double the MT300N

Yes I could add a USB hub but it adds to the BOM and worse, it looks like a hack.

Is GLi considering new products with more USB ports or internal ports?

You can try MiFi, which has a built-in USB hub. Physically it only has one USB-A, but it break out all GPIOs and there is one USB wired to the physical PCIe connector. If you like to hack it is good for you.



Thank you for the response.

The Mifi is twice the price of a MT300N and the AR9331 has a bug dealing with low speed usb devices, which is a requirement of our product (the device connects to other devices).