Smart TV LAN connection to GL-iNet GL-AXT1800 Slate AX

In a hotel. Single Ethernet socket that the TV is plugged into. Can un plug TV and connect instead the GL-AXT1800 which connects to the internet and provides WiFi. That leaves the TV without internet and hotel services. If I connect the TV to the a LAN socket the GL-AXT 1800 shows that the TV is connected. However, the TV’s services don’t work.
Any advice on how I can make this work.

If I’m not mistaken, your router will treat the providers TV broadcast packets as unsolicited and block them. Are your personal devices about to get online?

Thanks for the reply.

My devices connect without any issue to the WiFi broadcast from the router. Unfortunately I don’t have any devices to connect to a LAN socket as traveling so can’t check LAN works with another device.

As it stands I either have our own WiFi or I can use TV. Would be nice to have both without swapping ethernet between them.

There are other ethernet sockets in the room but doesn’t appear they are active as the light on the router flashes.