Solved Gl-ar750 3.010, help - ovpn profile change on commandline

Hey everyone,

how is the procedure to change the ovpn client profile change with gl-ar750 3.010?
I found a /etc/config/ovpnclients that references to the ovpn config file, but changing the profile there doesn’t start the new one after reboot.
althoug I cannot manually stop and start the ovpn client with the commandline.
I need your help in that.

best regards

Here is the way to go:

  1. edit /etc/config/ovpnclients pointing to the right ovpn file
  2. edit /etc/config/glconfig. here insert the right ovpn filename and the ip address of the server connecting to (look in the ovpn file)
  3. edit in the ovpn file (etc/openvpn/xxx ) the line “auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/auth/xxxx.txt”
  4. reboot

What’s wrong with doing it in the GUI?

nothing, it is available. after upgrading to 3.010 the admin panel is not working anymore.

Why it doesn’t work after upgrading? It should work if you upgrade successfully.

I have tried minimum two times with the option of upgrading a working 2.272 configuration (basic setup out of the box) and on the other hand by hard resetting the device.
In both variations the first login to the admin panel works, the interface works fine. But after logging into the luci panel the loading of the admin panel fails (infinite loading dash board).
I have used a ubuntu 18.0.4 and a windows 10 both with chrome.
I would prefer to use 3.010…0