SOLVED Inter vlan routing on brume 2 does not work

i have done a lot of work to recreate my network hosted on a unifi setup on my new brume 2. this includes several vlans.

unfortunately, it seems theres an issue with vlan routing. im able to establish a tcp connection, but any data is painfully slow between vlans, infact it doesnt load more than the page title before hanging and never loads the page.

i have a vpn tunnel i moved from unifi to brume 2 which connects to a remote network. i have openvpn running there and if i route back to the same network on brume2, the connections work just fine.

this is what leads me to believe the brume 2 has issues routing between vlans.

this is an important function, can i please have some support?

solved…i guess adding vlans ontop of the bridge instead of the eth1 interface is not such a good idea

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