[SOLVED] Mango V2 slow WiFi speed

I’ve just received my new Mango V2 (MT300N-V2) and after some testing, the WiFi speed (Download) is slower from what I was expecting.

I have a fiber internet connection (1st attached image):
·Download ≥ 200 Mbps
·Upload ≥ 100 Mbps

When I set the my new Mango V2 with an ethernet cable LAN->WAN, in average these are the results in WiFi (2nd attached image) :
·Download ≈ 30 Mbps :frowning:
·Upload ≈ 90 Mbps :slight_smile:

Even if there’s a top limit of 95 Mbps with a 10/100 ethernet port, clearly something is not right, so before any conclusion I would like to ask:

  • Could someone post and share speedtest results with the Mango V2 in WiFi without VPN?
  • Why such a difference between download and upload speed ?
Note: My WiFi settings are the default ones (radio 300M, transmit power 20) and already tried different channels and other devices but no improvement

After some days of lack of understanding about the low throughput in WiFi speed, I discovered that when a computer with fast ethernet 100/half duplex is connected by cable to my ISP router, it gets exactly the same speedtest results as my new Mango (slow download).

As by definition WiFi operates in half duplex too then I wonder if it could be a sort of negotiation conflict when a LAN gigabit port from my ISP router is linked to a fast ethernet port (for instance the minirouter’s WAN port)

After searching in other forums, I found that one way to fix ethernet negotiation problems is to put a switch in-between. Then I gave a try and ordered a small gigabit switch for $15 which can be powered by usb.

So I connected my ISP router’s LAN gigabit port —> Switch port1 and Switch port2 —> MT300-V2 WAN port. This configuration means that the ethernet negotiation is now made halfway by the switch and immediately I got an improvement in WiFi speed (yes!)

Also I modified a bit the etc/config/wireless file to use channel width 20MHz while keeping 2x2 antenna streams and set a custom channel, now I get:
· Download ≈ 75 Mbps :slight_smile:
· Upload ≈ 90 Mbps :slight_smile:

Therefore I recommend using a gigabit switch to those having an ISP router with gigabit ports and experiencing slow WiFi speed.

Thanks for sharing this. A good way to check. We will check in our side as well.

I test from my side with one switch but same issue, but there is maybe an issue in the current firmware ? (3.025)